This project came from a pretty pointless idea of mine: to make a mini version of a Penny board—which is already a mini skateboard—that also functions as an RC car.
Enter the penny(ish)-sized penny board; an RC micro skateboard inspired by the looks of a Boosted Board and Penny Board. The board uses 3D printed components—including a wood-infused board and TPU wheels—and parts from a $10 RC car I bought at Target. This Target car turned left and right with a 'tank mechanism', where wheels on one side of the car would move forwards while the wheels on the other side moved backward. This would allow for a fun way to drift when used with the small body of the RC penny board. The kicktail of the board was shaped by bending a flat 3D-printed board over a curved form I printed. The small motors I used for the board were taken out of broken Xbox controllers that I dismantled for parts. The entire project cost around $20 and was a fun exploration of a novel idea.